Learn About Us

Zanto Southwick opened in 2003. After 10 years of service as Zanto we remain a neighborhood restaurant at its core. Our many regular guests know that we take our business seriously. This we believe is what introduces the restaurant to our out of towners who come to Southwick regularly. We have a comfortable environment and strict standards for quality. We offer you the biggest and best choices we possibly can because it’s an important part — perhaps the most important part — of our commitment to you. We want our customers happy and that is what we strive for. We mix some new ideas with time tested second generation restauranteur tradition. Our passion is the restaurant business and a huge part of this is the staff we are so fortunate to have. Our team works hard to anticipate and exceed expectations, both in front of the house and in our kitchen.

Our customers ultimately know best. We know that we offer a great value and service and that is our continued commitment to you.


We invite you to try for yourself and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Chris and George.